Events at Chuckleberry Farm & Winery

Dinner and a Show at Chuckleberry Farm & Winery.

Jul 28, 2018 5:30 PM Cost $30.00 per person

 Dinner Murder Mystery "Honeymoon from Hell" at Chuckleberry Farm & Winery

 Anything that CAN go wrong, HAS gone wrong aboard the S.S. Amore, a not-so-luxurious honeymoon cruise ship. Captain Giovanni Della Robbia is trying to calm the passengers, with the assistance of the cruise director, Gina. Its talent night aboard the Amore and Gina recruits audience members to join in the competition. Just when it looks like the cruise wont be a total disaster, the Captain is murdered. Suspects include honeymooners, the crew, and Chef Fredo  whose temperament is matched by the large knife he wields.

This fun filled and action packed murder mystery takes place at the beautiful Chuckleberry Winery located near Bardstown and Bloomfield, Kentucky. As you are enjoying a delicious buffet dinner, a talent contest sets the stage for the action to follow. A clue hunt takes place as audience members team up to solve this who-done-it and prizes are awarded to the top three whose names are drawn among those guessing the murderer correctly.

This production is very family friendly and would be rated G - PG. 

Dinner Murder Mystery "Honeymoon from Hell"

 Don't forget to bring your Wine Trail Passports with you or you can pick up one at any KWA winery.  We are proud to say that the KWA has 24 members on the wine trail now......With the new trail comes a few changes....You must now visit 8 wineries to receive your FREE Gift.   We will still honor the old trails if you have already started it.......Enjoy!!!