About Us

Chuckleberry Farm & Winery

 Chuckleberry Farm & Winery is owned by Chuck & Ladonna Hall.  They met at Nelson Co. High School in Bardstown KY at the end of Ladonna's freshman year.  A mutual friend and blind date would take them on the adventures they have encountered.  They dated for 4 1/2 years and married in 1991.  They began their family just a year later with the birth of Morgan, their oldest daughter.  Three short years later Taylor, another daughter, would arrive.  Soon after Taylor was born, Chuck left the factory he worked at to build homes.  It wasn't long till Chuck decided to go out on his own and start Triple H. Construction, LLC.  Chuck and Ladonna were no strangers to hard work.  Ladonna waitressed and worked at a local law firm as she attended UofL to obtain her Paralegal degree.  Chuck worked the factory and built houses on the side along with some farming.  They purchased some cows of their own and leased tobacco base to raise extra money.   In 2001 they welcomed their third daughter, Erin.  By this time Chuck had been playing around with making homemade wine.  Some friends of his showed him how to make wine in old whiskey barrels.  Chuck didn't care for the whiskey taste and wanted wine that he could taste the fruit he used.  So, he began to make wine on his own.  A few years later the Hall's purchased their dream land on Garrison Ln. in Bloomfield.  Thirteen acres close to Bardstown Ky where they had been raising their family.  The tobacco industry had taken a turn and after working in tobacco Chuck's whole life he chose a different path for his 13 acres.  Chuck decided to plant Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries and Raspberries for his new found passion of making fruit wine.  


 In 2009, the recession was on it's way and Chuck wanted to focus more on his passion of making wine then building houses.  So, the labor of love began.  Chuck built the winery that has become known as Chuckleberry Farm & Winery.  The name itself has become a legend.  Everyone comments of the name and our most asked question is how we came up with it. The answer is, when Chuck was young his mother used to call him Chuckleberry.  Doris, his mother, passed away a few years before his dream became a reality.  Doris would have loved the winery.  She would have lived here and been such a huge part of it so we decided to keep her involved and name it after her loving nick name for her oldest son. 


 Chuckleberry Farm & Winery is a small family owned farm where high school sweethearts have grown together to build their dream.  Chuck & Ladonna's three girls work with them in the fields where they all cherish the time they spend together.  We hope you come visit to experience our little piece of Heaven with us here at Chuckleberry Farm & Winery.